Profit Motion Club Trading Desktop

Profit Motion Club Trading is our trading platform. For more than 16 years our computer specialists continue to actively develop and expand its functionalities in order to keep up with the clients’ requirements and the newest trading trends. Profit Motion Club is available in three versions – desktop, web and a mobile application.

Profit Motion Club Trading Desktop

In Profit Motion Club you can trade in CFDs on over 1000 instruments: forex, shares, indices, gold, silver, futures, ETF and cryptocurrencies.

Intuitive and easy to use and personalise platform developed by Profit Motion Club.

Over 1000 CFDs on various assets: 80 popular currency pairs, silver and gold, shares, indices, futures, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Charts and tools for technical analysis - all you need to develop successful trading strategies.

Suitable both for the novice trader who makes their first steps and for the professionals who seek a powerful advanced trading platform.

Powerful Trading Tools

  • Different types of orders: market, limit, sop, OCO (one cancels the other), limit and stop on an open order, trailing stop
  • Semi-automated trading through conditional orders
  • Professional charts with real-time updates
  • Over 80 technical indicators and market analysis tools
  • Free resources: economic calendar, statistics, market news, free real-time quotes

Manage the Risk of Loss

Stop orders

Use stop orders to limit your loss if the market turns against you.

Trailing stop

With trailing stop orders you can accumulate profit until the market turns against you.

Limit orders

Attach limit orders to open positions and take advantage of favourable market conditions

Develop Complex Strategies Through Specialty Orders

Conditional orders allow you to develop trading strategies and better manage your investments through semi-automated trading. In Profit Motion Club Desktop you can link up to 100 of Conditional orders to a confirmed Limit/Stop.

Additionally, you can use Logical orders to hedge your positions by opening opposite trades in the same instrument. They could be monitored independently from one another and limit the risk of loss.

Trade From the Quotes Panel

Profit Motion Club Desktop offers a detailed quotes panel that displays quotes not only as a numeric grid but also as a set of price windows from which you can place trades directly. There are four customisable instrument tabs, including a watch-list. They can be personalised so you can arrange the instruments you are interested in, as you prefer.

The Sentiments feature allows you to see how other clients are trading a certain market in Profit Motion Club and what their preferences are at any given time.

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