Risk Warning

Risk Warning

1. General Provisions

1.1. The purpose of the Risk warning is to notify the Client about the possibility of financial loss when trading forex. This Warning cannot cover the listing of all risks because of the variety of emerging situations.

1.2. Upon registering a Trading account with the Company, the Client declares that he is fully aware that trading forex is a high-risk activity.

1.3. The Company strongly recommends to all its clients to carefully study the section “Educational Centre” and make sure of their competence in trading before using the services of the Company.

2. Risks associated with technical defects/failures

2.1. Power failures of any kind, breakages of communication lines, interruption of the access to the company’s servers, failures in providing relevant information about the bandwidth rate of trading tools, etc. are understood to be technical defects.

2.2. The Company is not responsible for the Client’s financial losses provoked by technical failures of any kind.

2.3. The Company takes no responsibility for financial losses of the Client associated with poor quality of communication, hardware problems, improper settings, untimely software updating, etc. on the Client’s side.

3. Risks related to the volatility of trading instruments

When using those trading instruments that have high volatility (significant intraday ranges of price changes), the Client is aware of the profit possibility as well as the possibility of financial losses.

4. Risks associated with communication channels

4.1. Any messages sent to the Trader by the Company via email are assumed to be received and read. The Company is not responsible for any financial losses caused by the late receipt of information by a Trader.

4.2. A Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any correspondence with the Company.

4.3. A Client is responsible for any consequences, including financial losses caused by unauthorized access to the Trading account and mailbox.

5. Risks associated with force majeure

5.1. The Company is not responsible for any financial losses of the client associated with force majeure influences in the financial markets.

5.2. Global crises, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, political crises and coups are also believed to be force majeure events.

5.3. Changes in the legislative framework, including the prohibitions and restrictions established in the country of the Client’s residence, are also considered as force majeure.