Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introductory part

1.1. The Profit Motion Club Company (hereinafter – the Company) before granting access to the trading platform gathers and stores the personal data of the Trader. The company Profit Motion Club considers maintaining the confidentiality of Clients during the trading activity as one of its priorities.

1.2. This Privacy Policy, along with other Terms and Agreements published on this site, governs the relationship between the Trader and the Company. The act of the Client’s registration on the Company’s trading platform confirms the unconditional acceptance of this Policy.

1.3. Note, this policy applies only to websites and platforms that directly belong to Profit Motion Club and does not regulate the sites to which the banners, etc. posted on the company website, can refer.

2. Collection of personal information of the Client

2.1. As part of the policy “Know Your Customer” the Company, before the providing any products and services, has the right to demand from the Client the following information:
– personal data (full name, address and registration, e-mail address, phone number);
– the financial position: the state of the account (balance), trading activity.

2.2. Personal data is processed, stored and protected in accordance with the current legislation of Vanuatu.

2.3. The Company does not keep data about credit or debit Customers cards as well as detailed information about any Customers e-wallets.

3. Use of Personal Information

The personal data of the Client is used exclusively to protect the Company from fraud. The acquired information will be used to carry out verification of the trading account. It can also be used for trading account manipulation (for example, withdrawal of funds). In addition, the Company reserves the right to offer the Clients, based on the gathered personal information, additional products, services, and participation in promotions organized by the Company. The Company is entitled to use the Client’s personal data for surveys and testing the quality of the Company’s services.

4. Transfer of personal information to third persons

The Company undertakes to maintain strict confidentiality of the Client’s personal data. Nevertheless, the company reserves the right to disclose client’s personal data in exceptional cases, namely:

4.1. at the request of the official regulatory and law enforcement authorities;

4.2. to carry out investigations in case the Company has reason to doubt the Client’s identity and the purpose of the trading account manipulation;

4.3. to provide services to the Company in case there is a need to involve associated or affiliated companies or agencies. In this case, the Company guarantees that the third persons comply with the privacy policy as strictly as the Company itself.

5. Use of COOKIES

‘Cookies’ files can be used on Profit Motion Club website. The client is not recommended to change the browser settings in order to block the ‘cookies’ because this action can affect the quality of site operation in general and the trading platform in particular.

6. Updating Personal Data

A trader undertakes to promptly notify the Company of personal information changes. The trader’s responsibility is believed to provide the Company with full, timely and comprehensive information. Personal data updating can be carried out by any means listed on the “Contact Us” page.